Lux Whitsundays is a second-generation family operated business

taking over from Aussie Yachting (S.V. Domino).

Reg Eggers is an Dutch/Australian migrant who spent his early years growing up in Papua New Guinea. At 5 years old, Reg was gifted his first boat (a hollowed out tree supplied by a local indigenous tribe) and was taught by the local tribespeople how to be on the water. Reg first started a eco-friendly sailing business in New Zealand in 1992. Reg operated Aussie Yachting from 2000 – 2018. His daughter, Sarina Eggers-Stable, spent time sailing across the ocean before she could walk and took over management of the business in 2019. Sarina spent some of her childhood living in the Whitsundays and is very passionate about providing people with a comfortable, enriching and unforgettable sailing experience.

Luxury yacht, S.V. Sabatayn was built by the original owner who had a love for searching shipwrecks and was used to search the Caribbean Sea searching for Spanish shipwrecks. The yacht has recently been privately and have ventured around the Caribbean and South Pacific on many exciting and enjoyable adventures. You will find an ancient Spanish gold coin hidden under the one-ton mast on the main deck. The boat remains in spectacular condition, both a scuba compressor and a decompression chamber remain in the hold, if one dared to do some deep diving.


​‘Sabatayn’ is named after a powerful desert region in the south-western Arabian Peninsula.  According to King Solomon and many ancient texts, “the Sabatayn” was once ruled over by the Queen of Sheba (Saba), one of the most powerful and rich sovereigns of the ancient world 3000 years ago. The southern Silk Road trade route, which supplied gold, jewels, pepper, cardamom, frankincense and myrrh, passed through the desert’s capital city of Marib, now the eastern capital of modern day Yemen.